Dramatis Personae

The people on stage are the heroes, they are the show. Prioritise time
and energy to lift the ‘way they say it’ (cf. Cameron). Good rehearsal
time is your best pitch investment and is never wasted. Move up
through the performance gears.

Rehearsal One. Is the content (8%) clear and easily within time,
are signposts working, are visuals aids not crutches, are handovers
seamless, are you a team not a sequence?

Rehearsal Two. Get to grips with the 92% ‘visual and tone’. Think
positions, who sits where, break up ‘them ‘n us’, listen out for pitch and
pace and pauses, look for movement and energy, stand rather than
sit, work on interacting.

Rehearsal Three. Aim for more naturalness and ease, genuine sense of
team.You are no longer ‘talking at’, instead you will be listening,
engaging one to one. Confidence can be boosted by individual rehearsal.

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