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Press release: 13 June 2013


Pitchcoach reveals six lessons for success

Former Olympic hurdler and 30-year career adman Michael Parker has brought the experience of 1,000 new business pitches to bear in a new animated film now live on You Tube.

‘Pitchcoach’, Parker’s animated alter-ego, leads anyone due to stand up and speak through six golden rules of pitching and presentation.

“Whether you are pitching for a major global contract, responding to an informal brief or looking for a new job, the lessons capture the essence of how to manage and organise your content,” says Parker. “This frees you up to make the most of what is potentially your best weapon – your personality.”

Parker spent over 30 years in the competitive pitching world of advertising, many with Saatchi and Saatchi where winning The National Lottery, as an account, was a pitching milestone. For the last six years he has developed his coaching skills advising major professional service firms on pitching successfully.

“Since ‘being animated’ is a plus in the pitch performance, animation was the natural expression for this film,” he adds.

The Pitchcoach film has been created at Salty’s by Sandra and Jim Salter, Bafta nominee and art director with the Saatchis for 20 years respectively. It brilliantly illustrates Parker’s ideas in a variety of creative, engaging and entertaining ways.

The film is sponsored by Richmond Towers Communications. Comments managing director Rob Metcalfe: “Better pitches mean better client choices, so we were happy to sponsor this film – as long as none of our competitors watch it.”

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