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Appearing your best at the audition.

An earlier post, ‘Preparing for an audition’, looked at a few of Mark Brandon’s 101 Strategies for Actors, Winning Auditions.  Here are some more, all relevant to to the way we  the performers/actors approach our pitches/auditions.

“Check Your Posture at the Door.  What kind of unspoken signals do you broadcast when you walk into the audition room?  Your bearing–the way you hold your head and shoulders–can make a world of difference…. Remember : the more you walk in like a winner, the more you’ll walk out winning.”

“Get Rid of the Magazine.  Nothing smacks more of inexperience in a reading than an actor who keeps his or her head down, eyes glued to the script as if it were an engrossing magazine article”.

“Stay Upbeat to Stay in the Running.  Being positive during the interview is imperative.  In order to be at your absolute best, you’ve got to be in a vibrant upbeat frame of mind.”

“Instill in Yourself a Clearly Defined Mood before Your Entrance.  Whether you’re aware of  it or not, in most cases you’ll start being evaluated the moment you walk through the door.  Thus, the whole casting process begins well before you’ve even had a chance ti show what you’ve prepared.”

“Use Your Nerves or Your Nerves Will Use You.  Remember, making a mistake doesn’t equal not getting the job.  The people watching you know the stakes are high, and believe it or not, they aren’t turned off by a flubbed line or a stumble.  They pay far more attention to your behavior than the words”.

“Keep the Million-Dollar Question in Mind.  “What are they really looking for?”

Pitchcoach says thank you Mark Brandon!

Preparing for an audition.

Pitching , even to apparently unemotional procurement evaluators, is theatre.  You are putting on a show and this calls for performance from the cast , your ‘dramatis personnae’, and we can learn from the world of stage.

For actors and actresses themselves  however, their pitch is not the stage performance, it’s the audition

For them, this must be every bit as competitive, more so, with futures riding on it and rejection more personal, than the fiercest business pitch.  Advice on handling it  is given in an excellent  book, Winning Auditions, 101 Strategies for Actors.  Many hold true for any pitch.  With acknowledgement to author Mark Brandon, here are some of them.

” Preparation strategies deal with planning, mental discipline, and attitude- essential requirements for becoming a formidable competitor”

“Never forget this all-important rule: ‘On any given day, any given team, no matter the odds, can beat another”.

“Have Confidence.  Brand it on your brain, sear it on your chest, or tattoo it on your arm: ‘Confidence Sells’.  Never forget it. Nearly every result you desire will come from fully understanding this one phrase.” 

“Improving your ability to obtain work is just as vital as improving your ability to act.  You have to be as much a hunter as you are a performer.”

” Actors who are fiercely determined to get ahead will get ahead.  Nothing will ever serve performers more than sheer persistance.  A steadfast attitude that doesn’t recognise set backs practically voids all other attributes- including looks and talent”.

For me,  all these strategies, which relate to preparation, ring true.  Others, on presentation and performance, will  be covered in future posts.  Meanwhile the Staging and Content  guide  covers  similar ideas.