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Acting lessons…..

An article in the Sunday Times today discusses a new book by ‘top voice coach’ Caroline Gaynor. The title of the book is not mentioned but it sounds interesting.  Contributions from a number of well-known actors show how they combat nerves to give an impression of supreme confidence, a frequent theme of recent posts.

Some of their tips which, the author says, hold true for interviews and speeches.  (And, of course, for pitches)

 ‘Never stand with your arms folded.  It looks defensive.’

‘In shy moments, stand tall and relax your knees to raise confidence.’

‘Make fear your friend.  Channel the adrenaline it produces to sharpen your performance’.

Apparently the marvellous Dame Helen Mirren, for her acceptance speech at last year’s Oscars, practised her words and delivery for days even though she did not know she would win!

A lesson for us lesser mortals.  (The Best practice guides suggest a minimum of three rehearsals.