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Presence on the world stage.

In the Pitchcoach Awards for 2008, posted here in January, Gordon Brown received the accolade of Most Improved Performer. He has moved on!

Whatever G20 eventually achieves right now it is a success. It is a triumph for Brown.  His standing on the world stage is enhanced, he demonstrated leadership in chairing the meeting and was, according to the Dutch prime minister “inspiring”. How has he managed to do this?

Basically, in two ways.  Firstly, he prepared like hell.  The world trips, the intense negotiations in advance, all meant that the ‘content’ of G20, the ‘what they would say’ had been sorted before the event.  Second, on the day he  focussed his energy on the ‘way’ he performed.

His was the commanding presence, not easy to achieve given the company he was in.  As Simon Carr says in The Independent, “Also the PM looks good: earlier he had a face like an old dish cloth but yesterday he was smooth and tanned…..he carried the day. He’s had a wonderful time-and its hard to dislike anyone enjoying themselves that much.”

Interestingly, the book Winning Auditions. 101 Strategies for Actors, discussed in two earlier posts, talks about  how to Cultivate Presence.

 It says ” Fame is a result of presence… This appealing quality amounts to not much more than a serene temperament born out of ample self-assurance…  Approach your role with a sense of ownership…  Back up your belief of ownership with a supreme sense of conviction…”

Gordon Brown’s  presence carried the day and he achieved almost as many plaudits as the  amazing Michelle.  Her presence lent humanity to the G20 show.