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French lessons.

In the Observer Review a week ago there was a profile interview with the ‘legendary’ French rock star Johnny Hallyday on the occasion of his 70th birthday. While a huge star in France he is one of many French singers who do not cut la moutarde outside that country.


In discussing his success he credited advice received from an even more legendary French legend, Maurice (‘thank evan for leetle gerls..’) Chevalier. He said: “Look I don’t know if you’re going to be a great singer or not but you must always be careful with your entrance on stage and your exit. In the middle you do what you can. You try to sing.”


Pitch teams should note this advice. Most are so concerned with the content, the singing bit in the middle, that they overlook the first impression and the last, entering the stage and leaving it. Both these legends knew how to make an entrance and Chevalier, in particular, worried little about the singing and let his charm carry the day. Another useful French lesson.