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“Look your best – who said love is blind?” (Mae West )

Three images in newspapers over the weekend did not need words to tell you what was going on. Two Frenchmen share the feeling that they may soon be out of a job. One lets you know it with every frown, grimace and wrinkle at his disposal. The other looks as if he is on top of the world. Which one would you want on your pitch team?


Arsene Wenger may be a footballing tactical genius, but everything about him is signalling defeat. Team talks must be a motivating barrel of laughs.


President Sarkozy on the otherhand, against the evidence of opinion polls, has regained his mojo and now  looks like a winner. His huge jaunty smile is working for him again to such an extent that many feel he will turn the tide in his favour.


Photos of the Huhnes in court are not available but the artist’s drawing says everything, without headline. 

And yet in so many pitches 99% of the effort, the angst, and the focus goes into the words!  Worth remembering that The Artist, a silent movie, is winning the awards.