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Nick Griffin needed coaching!

Amongst the journalistic feeding frenzy following Question Time, this reported comment from a supporter on the BNP website, perhaps not surprisingly, caught my eye.

“Maybe some coaching could of been done so that Mr Griffin could of answered any question articulately”.

What might such coaching have achieved?

For starters, he would have been better prepared.  Whilst few could have anticipated the extent to which ratings hungry  BBC would stage a lynching, he should have anticipated and prepared for hostile questions.


Setting aside the bizarre  to unacceptable nature of his replies, just by rehearsing them he would have come across more persuasively, almost likeable.  A considered pause before  rushing in (fool-like?), a calmer more measured tone and a more relaxed, comfortable  posture.  All would have signalled confidence.

Fortunately for him most of his fellow panellist-opponents performed equally badly.  Jack Straw assumed the ranting role with an over prepared, over-the-top polemic, Chris Hune made no impression and clever Bonnie Greer was too clever. The only natural, and therefore persuasive, one was Sayeeda Warsi.

Fortunate too, because it upped the sympathy vote, that the normally urbane Dimbleby chose the role of attack dog, leading his savage pack, the carefully selected audience.

Great viewing figures for the BBC but Griffin would have got more out of  it with a little coaching. I am not volunteering.