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Prince Harry needs a good start.

Prince Harry’s speech as best man is the most anticipated since the TV debates a year ago. Then it was Nick Clegg who, in his opening remarks in the first of the debates, took the fight to Cameron and Brown and ‘won’ that all important initial encounter. He was confident, engaging and surprising. (Less so today.)


An article in the Daily Telegraph by Iain Hollingsworth is offering the Prince advice. This ranges from consulting google for ready-made speeches, to jokey one-liners through to ‘freeing the inner voice’ by chanting Sanskrit.

The best advice came from Caroline Goyden of Loud and Clear on the hardest part of any speech, getting to your feet and starting. She tells people who are consumed with fear the same thing as directors tell actors: “You only have to have the first line in your head.” The rest – if it has been rehearsed – will follow.

Once on your feet, plant them firmly, make eye contact with a few friendly faces, count to three and breathe. “The golden rule is to slow down,” she says. “And pause before a punch -line.” 

The Prince would do well to listen to Caroline and also check out two recent posts,  The start!  and  Pause for effect.