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Twenty Twelve and ‘how not to’….

 The monster that will be the Olympics drives towards 2012 like a tsunami of achievement but one area it does lack is humour. In fact, ill-tempered competition is threatening the true competition to come. Lord Coe vs Lord Moynihan over money, Tottenham vs West Ham over the stadium, David Bedford vs LOCOG over the marathon and Corporate Sponsors vs the rest of us over ticket availability.


By contrast, the BBC 4 comedy ‘Twenty Twelve brings nicely observed and well acted light relief. Tonight’s episode features Dave Wellbeck, an Olympian chosen as an ambassador to tour schools as a spokesman for the ‘Raise the Bar’ programme. Unfortunately Dave is the world’s worst presenter.

If you missed it, then as light relief from the serious business of pitching check out Dave’s amusing ‘how not to’ on BBCiplayer!