Pitching and politics

It’s not what you say it’s the way you say it.

That’s why the very clever Gordon Brown is floundering where the less(?) clever Tony Blair sometimes flew.It’s why the brilliant Hilary Clinton is losing out to Barack Obama who,unfortunately for her, rivals her husband when it comes to connecting with his audience.

Politicians are in permanent pitch mode whether it’s persuading us their policies make sense, trying to outwit a Jeremy Paxman or denigrating their opponents.A few are really skilled at it and worth observing for lessons that apply equally in the business arena of pitched battle!

David Cameron gave an object lesson two years ago when he ‘pitched’ competitively against four others( who remembers them now) at the Tory Party conference.If you read his speech it was no better and no worse than the others but ,as we know, the way he delivered it blew the others away and changed the face of the political landscape.

Who are the other politician pitch experts?

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  1. C. D'inde

    Interesting stuff! I would say Tony Benn fits the bill – a compelling and engaging speaker on any subject, regardles of personal politics.

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