Pitching in Parliament

Yesterday, as so often, it was not what was said but the way it was said that captured attention.

Quentin Letts in his regular , entertaining, column in the Daily Mail wrote “…………Mr Brown rushed through his statement, showing little strong interest in what he was saying. It was almost as though he had not bothered to rehearse it. He stumbled over several words….

……Mr Cameron , replying , barely bothered to mention Europe.You sometimes get the impression from the Tory leader that he is not much of a detail man. His Budget speech last week was amusing and combative and delivered with assurance. But it was not the work  of a man seized by economics or immersed in fiscal calculations…….

….And yet the maddening thing for the Prime Minister is that the Cameron spiel seems to work. People on all sides of the House yesterday were charmed by Mr Cameron (whereas they were simply bored by Mr Brown).”

A reminder that in any pitch content is important but ‘ people buy people’.

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