The “Natasha effect”.

In yesterday’s post ,Pitching the News, I said that Five’s decision to pay one million pounds for their anchor showed their understanding of pitching.  Today’s announcement of viewing figures for the first month  confirm that it was indeed  an inspired decision.

“High Five for Natasha as ratings rocket 72%”, a headline in London Life.

Importantly, the figures out yesterday suggest the majority of new viewers are staying with her daily 7pm news bulletin.  She is reported as saying it is ‘a credit to what the team is doing’ which is nice of her. However, in reality ,the success is down to her, the way she tells it and the emotional (and valuable) connection  she is establishing with her viewers, many already loyal fans.

Watch this space for the next pitch battle for TV news audiences!

One thought on “The “Natasha effect”.

  1. derick

    But was getting pregnant part of the pitch? It was always said that the worst thing a newscaster could do was to become the news – it detracts from their core role. On the other hand, it could make her (and Five News) even more essential viewing.

    In a pitch context, can you go too far in terms of theatre and relationship building – to the extent of missing the point of the pitch in first place? Pitch content is not sufficient to win, but it is necessary!

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