The Milky Bar Kid rides again and again and again…

Have just been watching Britain’s Got Talent, intending to comment on an aspect of the programme that, it seems to me, is one reason for its huge appeal.  This its tremendous energy!

Since energy is a fundamental of successful pitching, (see the Best Practice Guide) it will be subject of future posts, but not today.  The reason for this is that, during  the break, up popped a commercial for  Milky Bar featuring  the original black  and white footage of the original kid.

It is often recognised as one of the 100 best all time, but for me it represents my first ever pitch experience.  In an agency long forgotten, I was lucky enough to witness the creative director of the day persuade the very conservative Nestle client, comfortable only with close up /product/ pouring milk/ life style approach, to buy the  totally original Kid.

It was a superb pitch. I remember little of the detail. I do remember  brilliant story telling and an air of unshakeable confidence in the idea.

So the Kid has not changed. Nor have the priciples of great pitching.

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