Pitchcoach Awards 2011

This year the awards recognise people who best demonstrate a particular characteristic of great performance. In no particular order:


Energy:  Mary Portas.  Lots of expertise delivered with compelling energy. Unfortunately too late for our high streets?


Style:  The Middleton Family.  Kate for sure but the whole family made the Royals look ordinary.


Structure:  Christine Lagarde.  Great communication skills rooted in clear simple structures so you feel she really does know what she is talking about.


Body language: David Cameron.  No remarkable performances but he manages to create a physical impression of leadership his rivals in Westminster and across Europe can’t match.


Listening: Rebecca Brooks.  She deflected the hostility of the inquisitor MPs by listening, really listening, to each questioner and answering the actual question asked. Unlike Murdoch junior.


 Pausing: Rupert Murdoch.  A pause has rarely been more powerful than his response to the question, Did you know what was going on?  After a seemingly endless delay his barked NO! took the wind out of the collective MP sails. 


Theatre:  Kim Jong-il  (deceased).  A million people in weeping in unison takes some beating.


Passion:  Sir David Attenborough. Who else?


Presence:  Aung San Suu Kyi.  A voice too rarely heard but an unmistakable and compelling presence.


Charisma: Tariq Jahan. The Currys van driver who spoke so eloquently after the death of his son in the riots that a city came to its senses.

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