“Boris” losing out to Johnson?

In my last post I talked about the popular appeal of ‘Boris’, the single word subject to a swear box fine in government circles.Over the last few days worrying press reports for his supporters suggest Boris,  the splendidly surprising and irreverant, is  behaving like a dull and safe Mr Johnson.

The reason for this is, apparently, the advice he is getting from one Lynton Crosby an expert from Australia, a place not normally associated with subtlety of expression. Here it would seem he is intent on stifling Boris to make sure there are no mistakes, errors or gaffs.  No wonder he is struggling and, worse, in danger of losing the core of his appeal, his unique personal approach.

Anyone experienced in pitching knows that one of the golden rules is to play to your strengths.If Boris listens too closely to Crosby and plays down the ‘Boris’ persona we might start remembering his lack of track record and experience.

As the headline of AA Gill’s perceptive article in the Sunday Times said “Be yourself ,Boris,or you’re bound to lose”.



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