Voting for people, not policies?

Not surprisingly, journalists and reporters are having a field day with  “Palin’s meteoric  appearance on the political scene”.  Their opinions, as among voters in the USA, are divided.  A.A Gill, in the Sunday Times, wrote “I think she looks hard and caculating and a bit of a bitch”. In the Observer, Paul Harris, “one of the most remarkable speeches of recent political history”.

Harris also reported on the views of the Republicans. ‘They believe stirring personal narratives will decide the election.  They are betting that voters are looking for people to vote for, not policies.’

We may not like to admit it but this is often the case in business pitches.  The decision makers are looking for people to vote for, not proposals.

Casting can make the winning difference. A  brilliant solution indifferently presented, more often than not, loses out to an average one brillantly presented.

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