“a supremo of tone and composure”

When times are tough, and the financial climate could not be tougher, strong leadership is called for. This is as true in the commercial as in the political world.   In both, leadership can be defined by the ability to inspire confidence.

In the US, Bush fatally ‘wounded’ by virtue of being yesterday’s man, is failing to lead.  Here Brown despite,for him, a strong conference performance, is not inspiring confidence.

Cameron, on the other hand, the “novice” is pre-empting the leadership role.  Yesterday, at the Tory party conference, he made an unexpected platform appearance.  Here are some of the words used by Quentin Letts, a master of ‘body language’ observation.

“…….he not only gently removed the political initiative from Gordon Brown……..but also showed himself a supremo of tone and steady-the-buffs composure.”

“He did not produce any single, platinum phrase yesterday.  He did not need to.  The art – the duty – of the national politician is to find the delivery, the performance, to match the audiences expectations”.

Is this not the art, the duty, of all who pitch?

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