Confidence with a capital C.

As the headlines of £500 BILLION here and $700 BILLION  there, meaningless figures to most of us, hit the news we are constantly reminded that it’s all about restoring “confidence” in the markets.  Since it is the markets and governments that created the mess, this is proving difficult.

However, in the absence for most of us (all of us?) of any understanding of what may, or may not work, we rely on our feelings about the spokespeople.  Do they make me feel confident?

Right now, even if he contributed to the mess, Gordon Brown with his background of experience, coupled with his Scottish prudence, does appear more confident than his novice rival.  The very dullness of ‘old’ Darling at this time works in his favour. 

Perhaps anticipated by William Pitt, who in 1766, said in a speech in the House of Commons-“Confidence is a plant of slow growth in an aged bosom: youth is the season of credulity”.

The lack of confidence in business is, in all sectors, translating into pressure on suppliers.  Often this leads to calls for a pitch.  ‘We are not sure what the future holds but it won’t cost anything to pressure our advisers’.

In the pitch, they will say they are looking, in these tough times, for improved performance, efficiencies and lower cost!  All the rational stuff.  But what they will be responding to are the companies, the  people who are confident.  And who inspire confidence.

…..rehearse, rehearse, rehearse……………………………..(Best Practice Guide)

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