World-leading confidence from Gordon!

WOW. As they might say in politics.  A few weeks ago it was all Cameron.  Today it’s all Gordon, suddenly achieving a hero status that requires no surname.  Cometh the hour, cometh the man!

And it is all about confidence. His confidence is rubbing off on us, on the media, on the markets and on other world leaders. Some press comment:

“Brown to pitch rescue plan to EU….this could be his Falkland moment..”

“The hunched, hunted man of a few weeks ago replaced by a confident even swaggering figure……His chin is up.  His stride has lengthened.  His shoulders have straightened.  He has even taken to cracking jokes…He casually squelched David Cameron..”

“He has acted boldly and decisively, showing great stature and gravitas”. A frontbencher, reflecting on this new found confidence, said  ” First Britain, then Europe, now the World”.

The spirit of Churchill has been evoked   And why not.  It was Churchill’s confidence that did so much to inspire during the crisis of war.  It is Gordon’s confidence now at work in this crisis.

Of course Churchill, once the crisis was over,  lost the election.  Will this be Gordon’s lot?

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