Announcing Inaugural Pitchcoach Awards.

Responding to popular demand for a ‘best performer’ award,  January 5th post will reveal the winners of the 2008 Pitchcoach Performers.

Candidates will be judged in 6 categories- politics, business, broadcast, journalism, sport and entertainment.

Many recent award schemes, and reality shows, have been undermined by controversy -jury tampering, vote rigging, pouting pundits, phony phone-ins and media manipulation. To avoid any hint of bias the only vote that will count is that of pitchcoach.

Who wll win ‘Outstanding Global Performer,(probably no surprise here) Most Improved, Newcomer,  Best Supporting Act?

Entries will be drawn from the 50 or so pitch performers (see Topical section) who have appeared here since the first post in April.

IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO SUBMIT YOUR OWN CANDIDATES!!!  To submit names, with a supporting sentence, or not, log in or email me .

Happy Christmas.

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