The way we say hello!

At the start of any pitch there is the opportunity, too often ignored, for team members to introduce themselves with panache!

Taking around 20/30 seconds each, a total of 2 minutes or so, around 5% of total presentation time, this 2 minutes can set the tone and lift response to everything that follows.

And yet in (first not second!) rehearsal  I find that team introductions are too often mumbled, almost apologetically, with zilch emphasis and zero personality. If we behave this way in a job interview we don’t get the job.

Much more telling than their rational assessment of your undeniable credentials, your excellent proposal and  strong track record is the prospect’s emotional response.  ‘Can I get along with these people?’   ‘Do they like each other?’

Rehearse your hellos! Personal, high energy, infectious enthusiasm,  and interested in them…

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