This deceptively simple line describes the idea that drives what must be one of the best sites of its kind anywhere in the virtual world, a world where the speed of technical progress so often obscures less than original thinking.

A recent post, ‘Charles Saatchi. Artoholic. Pitchmaster’, compared his skills in pitching his agency to those in evidence enhancing the paintings displayed, to their great advantage, in the astonishing space that is the Saatchi Gallery.

In virtual space, these skills are arguably more evident. For someone who claims use of an elderly mobile and some acquaintance with google, he clearly understands better than most what works. The site is so much more than a version of the branded gallery online.

A visit to www.saatchigallery.com is rewarding. For any art lover it really is ‘my’ site, with numerous ways to participate. From 1.4 million so far voting for the world’s best artist, (Picasso leads), to anyone  being able to display their paintings for sale, and anyone to buy, with no commissions charged.

One characteristic of  this art community site, that it is totally consistent with the Gallery, is the creation of a unique look and style that enhances and lifts everything on display. Enjoy your visit!

 Some general thoughts on the ‘idea’ online are in a newsletter for the Group, www.the-group.net/blog/index.asp?blogid=257

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