Pitchcoach recommends…

Most weeks my posts are prompted by a ‘live’ pitch that made the news.   A politician sounding important, celebrities being self important,  footballers over the moon or important business folk defending their bonuses.  This week, rightly, the news has been dominated by Chile!

In the absence of stories, and at risk of losing loyal followers, my recommendation is a visit to www.speakingaboutpresenting.com

Of all the countless blogs on the subject this one by Olivia Mitchell is among the best. The writing is concise and clear with excellent practical and useable advice. Many of them adopt the classic ‘how to’ format. Some of my favourites:

How to Look Authoritative when you feel anything but.

How to stop information overload.

How to stop worrying about forgetting what you want to say.

How Obama could eliminate his ums (and so could you).

How to stop waffling once and for all.

On that note, enough from me….

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