“You can’t buy love.”

The entertainingly bizarre Republican presidential race provides easy pickings for commentators. It is hard to imagine a group of individuals who so consistently get it wrong when pitching their cause. The presentation/gesture/body-language /voice coaches,  thick on the political ground in America, must be having a field day.


Mitt ‘robot theory’ Romney is no pitch role model but his campaign does serve as a vivid reminder that, when it comes to winning hearts and minds, being the biggest is not what matters. He should be leading by a mile, he has much more money, a formidable ‘machine’  and unelectable opponents. And yet, as Gary Younge wrote in the Guardian:

“There are some things even in American politics that money can’t buy. It can get you an organisation, ads and attention. But it can’t make you engaging, compelling or authentic. In short, it can’t buy you love.” 

These three words capture as well as any what you must be if you are to win.

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