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Any pitch calls for some level of performance. While this does not demand skills in  ‘the art of acting’, familiarity with the ‘craft’ of acting can be valuable. An interesting book by Mary Hasbury, “Acting for the Better-An AmDram A to Z”, which looks at both art and craft has some thought-provoking observations.


Here is what she has to say about Attack:

Attack. An executant’s approach to a piece, with crispness, verve and precision.’ Dictionary definition.

 A frequent criticism of stage performers is that they are lacking in ‘attack’, and it is sometimes difficult for the performer to know just what is meant by this, and what they can do about it.

Generally speaking, it involves energy, whether mental, emotional, vocal or bodily, or any combination of the four. It is about energy and focus, and needs to be the complete opposite of feebleness, dullness and laziness.

Enthusiasm goes a long way  towards one’s goal but it must be tempered with control at all times. If the performance seems slow or boring, or wishy-washy, then it is certainly lacking in this somewhat mystifying quality of attack.”