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Pitching from the pulpit was simpler.

 It must have been much simpler for religious leaders to communicate their message  in the ‘good old days’. The days much loved by BBC costume drama when seemingly there was little to  do save embroidery if you were a woman. The highlight of the week, shared by men and women, was the visit to church.


 Here the preacher was in full command.  A pulpit from which to dominate. Worshippers who had no competing messages from radio, television or internet.  No points of comparison. For them any preacher, great orator or poor, was the unchallenged authority. If mistakes were made no one outside the congregation knew of them.

Twenty First century life is not so simple. The BBC will have more people covering the Pope’s  four day visit than the World Cup, some 400. Their interpretation of every word, nuance and gesture will be seen by the world. No wonder his communication advisers have issued  these helpful, if somewhat bizarre, terms.


 The appalling idiot Pastor from Gainesville, with a congregation of less than 50, did not need any helpful tips to pitch his hate message globally. Not so simple?