Mandy, Moscow, mortgages.

The return of Lord Mandelson(!!) must be a dream come true for newspaper editors. He’s like the perfect pantomime villain and a rich source for juicy, or is it salacious, editorial.  Everyday, in all titles, there is comment on the latest in a seemingly never ending stream  of his ‘close to the wind’ activities.

One in partIcular caught my eye.  It was in today’s Daily Mail.

What made the story so persuasive, such a clever pitch, was the way it was juxtaposed with another, apparently, unrelated one.

On the left hand page,8, a forest of ‘For Sale’ signs’ pictured with the headline “120 FAMILIES A DAY LOSE THE BATTLE TO PAY THEIR MORTGAGE”

On the opposite page, a photo of Lord M with smug smile, rubbing his hands together, under the headline “FIT FOR AN OLIGARCH! OR HOW MANDY IS STAYING IN A £5,500-A-NIGHT MOSCOW HOTEL SUITE…

Of course, it was not so long ago that Mandy made his own mortgage story.



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