Hungry Ed.

The media seemed  ill prepared for Ed’s victory over his brother. The follow-up articles talked about David’s lifelong political ambition being thwarted and about Labour’s election procedure that allowed Ed to creep through on the union vote.


 There was less comment than might have been expected into the personality issues that may have given him the edge. He is apparently more at ease and charming than his brother. But is this something that would have influenced the unions? Unlikely.

 For me the clue was apparent in a broadcast when all five candidates were facing an audience. The camera closed in on Ed Miliband responding to a strong challenge. His was not the cleverly worded reply of the master politician. It was one of naked aggression as he made his point, with unrestrained passion with no holding back.


In any pitch, or interview, when there is nothing to separate the contestants, the one seen to be hungriest usually wins. David Miliband realised too late that his young brother was the hungry one.

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