Directing the Play.

Any pitch calls for performance.  What you say is important but more often than not the way you say it is what counts most.  This is why rehearsal is critical and yet so often little heed is paid to it. A book called Directing the Play, by Leon Winston, is a step-by step approach for theatre.


  You do not need to be Alfred Hitchcock to use some of these steps as a ‘rehearsor’ to get more out those you rehearse:

Remember the Director is a key part of what happens; the mood; the decision making; feeling the way forward; creating an atmosphere of respect for each other. Encorage, encourage, encourage.
Check in rehearsal for:
 pace; rythm; believability; atmosphere; entrances and exits (hand-overs);
was there a slow or dreary bit; is the energy maintained throughout; are the ‘moments’ playing well.
The Final Rehearsal:
an invited audience for the final rehearsal helps the cast to respond to audience reaction and it adds to the mood of expectation.
is the magic ingredient needed by everyone involved. You are the Magic Fairy and must sprinkle Confidence Dust where needed -probably everywhere!

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