Who is swaggering now?

Only two weeks ago Ed Milliband’s body language was so poor that he seemed doomed to be one of those unfortunate politicians who must regret, as Nixon did, that radio is no longer the medium of voting influence. Body language fit for television? Or radio only?


That ‘two weeks in politics’ have worked wonders for him. He, not Cameron, is the one with the swagger, the one looking ‘comfortable in his own skin’. As the Observer commented, “The Labour leader sounded and looked different, more relaxed and more confident. Gone were the haunted looks of early summer”.

A lot of things have gone his way but full credit to the way he has seized the moment. (As he did when he knifed his brother!) Before the firestorm his messages were mixed and confused, exaggerating his hesitant body language.

 He now has a clear and compelling message enabling him to speak from the heart with passion and conviction.

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