Mandelson. A lesson in confidence.

If there is one word that that characterises the winning pitch it is confidence.  Does the team have it? Do they inspire it?

In  my post on January 18th, ” His (Gordon Brown’s) appointment of Mandelson, who exudes an eery sense of confidence, could prove to be a masterstroke”.  And how!

We have witnessed pitching, the art of persuasion, at its very best.  Some of the editorial plaudits include: “Without Mandelson’s powers of persuasion, Gordon Brown would be out of a job” (IoS). “Gordon has clung to Peter’s presentational flair, tactical nous, coolness in a crisis..”(Observer).

And from Quentin Lett, master of body language observation,” You do not have to like Peter Mandelson–not many do–to admit he has played a presentational blinder these past few weeks …sleek, serene, brain ticking as fast as the workings of a Swiss watch.  He radiates natural authority.  He is calm.  He knows his brief.”

Love him or hate him, but learn from him. Know your brief, and ‘ooze’ confidence.  And this you can achieve through rehearsal, lots of it.

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